Personalised Pencil Pots

Elly & Roo

Regular price $7.50

These personalised pencil pots make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers or even just a safe pencil and crayon holder for your little ones. 

8 fonts to choose from. 
4 colours to choose from. 

Please write your name and font number in the text box provided. 
If you do not select a font I will pick one for you!


Pencil pots measure approximately 8.5cm x 10.5cm


**RED PENCIL POTS - The red pencil pots have been discounted due to slight imperfections in the colour. There are minimal white marks on the red part of the pot. These don’t affect the use of the pot in any way and are hardly noticeable but we feel we cannot charge full price for these. If you purchase the red pot at the discounted price you are agreeing to the slight imperfections. If you would like a picture of the imperfections please reach out to us on social media. Thank you!